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Demarbaix FranceHello,


My name is France but I live in Belgium since my birth in 1966. I have two passions in my life : photography and travel. But could it be different being the result of a French mother and a father Belgian photographer having met each other beyond the seas ?


My first camera was a small Rollei with entirely manual adjustment offered in 1978 for my communion. It was necessary to regulate all by oneself: sensitivity, distance, operture and speed.


When I was 19 years old, I started to travel in Europe with my friends, the Rollei and a train ticket Interail in the pocket. But it is in 1991, by preparing a voyage in Iceland that I seriously studied photography not to miss my holidays photos, thinking of never again being able to pay me such a journey. How unconscious I was! The virus took me and since I am gone back there 7x and traversed this planet longitudinally and into broad in search of nature and beauty.


On my return, I joined a photoclub during three years to learn how to analyze and judge an image, to target only one subject per photo and to improve my composition. One of my Iceland's pictures even arrived 4th at the Great Price of Belgium.


Follows then a long series of travels which lead me always further: Indonesia, USA, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Seychelles, Mongolia, Thailand, New Zealand, Argentina, Turkey, Algeria, Costa Rica, Norway...


From one voyage per year, I passed to two then three, choosing my destination on recommendation of friends or tempted by a superb photo seen in a book or following an emission of Ushuaia. The great wild spaces, volcanic demonstrations, geological curiosities, beautiful lights and Scandinavian countries attract me. With the course of my travels, I thus impassioned myself for volcanology, geology, geysers, animals, Icelandic sagas and tango!


For me, travel and photography are closely dependent. It would be a torment to travel without my camera. This one evolved with the years. Rollei made place in Miranda, marks today disappeared. Then came a reflex camera Canon EOS 500, selected for its lightness on travel before passing to digital with the 300D. This one has just passed away to the profit of a 30D. Today, I work with the 7D Mark II which fully fills my expectations.


In 2000, I wanted to change my life and stopped my scientific career to resume studies of Photography and of Web Application Development. I finally obtained my diploma of Photography in 2003 with a work on Argentinian tango adding thus a third passion to my life. Indeed, the photography of spectacle and dance brought to me a new source of inspiration and esthetism that formerly I found only abroad.


Because what justifies me, it is immortalize the beauty, to fix forever felt emotions, moments of grace and plenitude to preserve them and divide them. All that imports me finally, it is ... TO DREAM AND MAKE YOU DREAM...


All photos Copyright © by France Demarbaix - No reproduction allowed in any form - All rights reserved