Copyright and note concerning the use of photos

All photos contained on this site remain the intellectual property of France Demarbaix and are protected by the Belgian and International copyright laws. What means that any reproduction, publication or web use, even partial, is prohibited without preliminary written permisssion from the author. In case of infringement, SABAM will be mandated to recover my royalties and compensation payable in terms of damage.

Contrary to a generally accepted idea, the copy is prohibited even for a non-commercial use. As professional, I'll prosecute any theft of my images since they constitute my livelihood. The professional photo material is expensive, the management of a website too and I don't speak about working hours. If you want to use my photos, it is normal that you take part in these expenses. My images are NOT free of rights.

Artists have the possibility to order photos for their promotional use. The majority of photos are available in high resolution (~ 6 to 8 million pixels) and will be provided under digital format with licence of use. Price according to the number of selected images.

Posters for private use are also available. The photos will be printed on glossy paper by a professional laboratory. Decreasing prices if you order several photos at the same time. Please note that prints intended for a private use cannot be published nor reproduced.

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